Beckley Harvesting started in 1955 when Duane headed south with an International combine. Since that time over 60 years ago, the business has grown and continues to grow. The business has always been a family operation including sons, daughters, sons-in-law, and daughters-in-law.

Chet started driving a Gleaner G full time when he was 11 years old. In 1980, he invested in his first combine and truck. Chet's boys, Josh, Zach, and Jake, grew up on the harvest run and each started driving either a combine or tractor full time at age 11 and are still with the business. Josh bought his first combine and truck in 2005 and Zach jumped into the business in 2007 with the purchase of his first combine. Jake decided to join the team in 2010. They are now the 3rd generation in some of the same wheat field their grandpa cut so many years ago.

The responsibility of running and managing the business was turned over to Josh in 2018. He attributes the success of the business to the strong Christian values, honesty, work ethic, dedication and pride in our work.

The harvest run travels through six states and harvests over 50,000 acres a year. Crops cut are, but not limited to; wheat, canola, corn, soybeans, milo, and field peas. We are custom harvesters who are "harvesting the grain that feeds the world."

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