Our fleet of trucks consists of 13 semi-trucks that will haul grain, machinery, and headers with various trailers.

Also included in our fleet of trucks is 3 service trucks that are equipped with welders, air compressors, tools, fluids, parts, and other items that may be needed in the field.

We run six John Deere S770 combines equipped with options to provide a high quality job to the customer, while also reducing stress and fatigue on the operator. Some of the options include: GreenStar navigation which also provides yield mapping and shared field data, LED lighting, Powercast tailboards, power lids and more. These combines with today's advanced technology and maximum efficiency allow us to provide the highest quality product. Our machines are capable of harvesting over 200 acres of wheat a day!

Our headers include MacDon 40' flex draper platforms and Capello 12 row corn heads.

We have three John Deere 8320R and two 8430 tractors attached to Brent 1396 grain carts. The carts are equipped with electronic scales and are capable of unloading 1,000 bushels in under 90 seconds! A grain cart in the field allows us to keep the combines moving at all times. 

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